Friday, 30 December 2016

Why Movie Websites Show These Much Ads

You might have been searching for some free movie website, which could be the alternative to movietube, for that you can check out free movietube like websites, it lists the best websites for watching movies online.

Why These Websites Show So Many Ads

People usually complain about the ads these websites show, ads like banners, pop ups, download button, users get irritated upon seeing these ads, but one thing they forget is that they are using their services for free, those websites are not charging you any fee so they have to show ads, else how would they be able to earn and keep the website running?

Websites should also understand that showing too many ads but not allowing users to watch movies is also a spam, you are here just for making money then. The correct ideology should be that users should get what they want and you should also earn within that, by showing proper ads, clicking on blank spaces also shows ads on the movie websites which is totally irritating, rather show ads in a clean manner which does not make it difficult for the users too.

And for users, you should also understand that it's their bread and butter so you have to bear some ads, else you have many popular paid services, go for them.


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