Monday, 14 November 2016

Welcome to The Website Dedicated to Movietube

First of all before I begin introducing the blog and myself let me welcome you all. I am feeling honored to have you here on this website, thanks for your trust and time.

Intro to Movitube website

Now Movietube you might be knowing was one of the largest website and app that provided free movies in HD quality. Now why am I am saying Movietube WAS? because it ran into some legal issues and was imposed penalty and shut down.

Since then many mirror websites with similar names have emerged to have some piece of movietube's good will and popularity. Just because those have similar names doesn't mean they are as good as movietube, they may look same even but the quality can't be judged just by seeing the look, you have to test it.

Now how can I help? I have tested, used many websites and apps which provide free movie streaming on app and website for free in HD quality and I will share those apps and websites with you all for free.

Every time I will review an app and tell you whether it has the potential to become the alternative to movietube or not. I will also create a list which will list all the alternatives to movietube.

Now talking about myself, I am just one of you who likes to explore the field of entertainment especially movies and music.

So see you soon again with some quality content related to movietube. Till then keep enjoying whatever you want to.


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