Friday, 30 December 2016

You might have been searching for some free movie website, which could be the alternative to movietube, for that you can check out free movietube like websites, it lists the best websites for watching movies online.

Why These Websites Show So Many Ads

People usually complain about the ads these websites show, ads like banners, pop ups, download button, users get irritated upon seeing these ads, but one thing they forget is that they are using their services for free, those websites are not charging you any fee so they have to show ads, else how would they be able to earn and keep the website running?

Websites should also understand that showing too many ads but not allowing users to watch movies is also a spam, you are here just for making money then. The correct ideology should be that users should get what they want and you should also earn within that, by showing proper ads, clicking on blank spaces also shows ads on the movie websites which is totally irritating, rather show ads in a clean manner which does not make it difficult for the users too.

And for users, you should also understand that it's their bread and butter so you have to bear some ads, else you have many popular paid services, go for them.

Why Movie Websites Show These Much Ads

Monday, 5 December 2016

You all know how movietube helped movie lovers watch HD movies on their computers or mobile phones, it was the torrent of movies but after it shut down many movie lovers were broken but time to heal those wounds since today there are many movietube like websites which provide HD movies for free.

We won't be listing every movietube website alternative here since there are many which are nothing bu a waste product so we would be only writing about the best movietube alternative sites. Earlier we wrote about apps, here you can get movietube app alternatives.

Movietube Alternative Websites For Free Movies

We have checked all of the listed free movie websites personally and they do work than any other movie website available on the internet.

movietube free movie websites

1.) Genvideos

This is an awesome resource for those who want movies in good and high quality without suffering from pop up ads, it shows ads but in a limited quantity that a user can definitely bear for watching movies for free.

2.) Alluc

Stop using Google to find movie streaming services, use this engine and this will give you result only for movie streaming and most of those actually works, a great aternative to movietube.

3.) Hulu

Are you from United States? if yes then you can watch movies at this movietube alternative i.e Hulu effortlessly but in case you are not from US it won't open for you. If you want then you can try a VPN and access the website. Dot VPN is a nice chrome extension for that purpose.

4.) Popcorn Flix

Eating popcorn while watching movies, this website understands your taste and gives you latest movies for free of cost. Not only movies, you can also TV shows here for free. Use it's filters to find your movies, either search by genre or get the staff picked movies categorized into "New Arrivals", "Top Rated".

All of the above movie sites are a great alternative to movietube app or website, they are mobile compatible and gives you more movies and less irritating ads. You don't have to create any account for watching movies at these movietube alternative websites. Enjoy ;-)

Some Movietube Like Websites That Provide HD Movies For Free Streaming

Tuesday, 15 November 2016

If you have previously visited this website then you may be knowing that the original movietube website was penalized and shut down due to some legal issues but in case yo are new here and don't know about anything related to that then no problem, since we told it again. Movietube was one of the best website for watching free movies in HD online.

But, we all know things like movies, music are copyrighted content and no can use them for professional purposes without legal licenses, that's what movietube did and got shut down. Well it was a right decision according to law but for those who relied on that website or app for their movie entertainment, it was not less than a nightmare. But don't worry that nightmare won't last for long since here we tell you some awesome movietube alternatives free movie apps that can give you free movies on the go.

Movietube App Alternatives

Here comes the section which will give out the best alternatives to movietube app and all of them are absolutely free to use, you'll have to pay nothing to enjoy movies on these apps. Just get into the app and start streaming. Here comes the list of free movietube movies app alternatives.

movietube app

1.) Cinema Box

An awesome app for streaming movies in HD quality for free of cost. Whether you use android device or iOS, this app is for you. No signing up is required to watch movies, just get the app and stream your favorite movies.

2.) Showbox

Showbox in itself is a huge name in the field of online movies, it is highly popular and it could be the best alternative to movietube app. Along with streaming, downloading and watching offline is also allowed with this app. You can also make it work on your PC, using bluestacks application which helps you run android apps on PC.

3.) Bobby Movie

The first one was for android and iOS both, the second one was only for android users, now this one is only for iOS users. The app gives you bookmark feature which you can use to save your favorite movies and enjoy them anytime without going through the same searching process time and again.

All of the above movie apps are a great alternative to movietube and all of them works fantastically. Just give them a try and won't miss the movietube app again in your life ever.

The Movietube Alternative Apps You Can Use to Watch Free Movies

Monday, 14 November 2016

First of all before I begin introducing the blog and myself let me welcome you all. I am feeling honored to have you here on this website, thanks for your trust and time.

Intro to Movitube website

Now Movietube you might be knowing was one of the largest website and app that provided free movies in HD quality. Now why am I am saying Movietube WAS? because it ran into some legal issues and was imposed penalty and shut down.

Since then many mirror websites with similar names have emerged to have some piece of movietube's good will and popularity. Just because those have similar names doesn't mean they are as good as movietube, they may look same even but the quality can't be judged just by seeing the look, you have to test it.

Now how can I help? I have tested, used many websites and apps which provide free movie streaming on app and website for free in HD quality and I will share those apps and websites with you all for free.

Every time I will review an app and tell you whether it has the potential to become the alternative to movietube or not. I will also create a list which will list all the alternatives to movietube.

Now talking about myself, I am just one of you who likes to explore the field of entertainment especially movies and music.

So see you soon again with some quality content related to movietube. Till then keep enjoying whatever you want to.

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